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    Help for those who want to live wholeheartedly for Jesus.

    Author: S.M. Wibberley

    Spiritual warfare is an every day reality for followers of the Lord Jesus. It is “situation normal” for Christians. This warfare is the ongoing struggle between Satan’s kingdom of oppression and Jesus’ Kingdom of Light. Satan is a defeated foe, much less powerful than God, but God in His wisdom allows Satan to attack us in certain areas. He has specific reasons for this, such as testing our faith, deepening our obedience, maturing our witness and transforming our thinking. God has given us all we need to stand in our daily battle. Useful for personal spiritual growth, discipleship and member care, Knowing Jesus Is Enough for Joy, Period! is a practical guide to everyday spiritual warfare, containing biblical lessons learned during 30 years of ministry in a difficult context. Chapters cover, among many other topics, the use of the armor of God (Eph 6:10-18), four types of faith, confessing in layers, transformation through personal worship, lifting your soul to God via journaling, discerning motives, nurturing your first love for Jesus and mediation on Scripture. It is both biblical and very practical with lots of real life illustrations.

    This book is also available in German under the title Befähigt: Schritte zu einem Leben voller Freude.

    All proceeds from purchasing this book go to support the planting of churches among the least reached and unengaged.

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed the book and especially getting a glimpse of your heart and life. I found it interesting that two of the greatest influences in your life as a young believer were Bill Gothard and Francis Schaeffer. Me, too! Thinking about Gothard and Schaeffer and how radically different they were in many ways, I think that God used that to provide for a deep, realistic and biblical approach to life.
    Your commitment to biblical truth, balanced approach to spiritual warfare, personal worship, mediation, journaling, fullness of the Holy Spirit – Amen! Perhapsthose early influences can account for such commonalities.
    I especially appreciated your thoughts regarding confessing layers of sins. You laid that out in a way that is easy to understand and to apply. You have a gift for taking deep truth and making it accessible. Thanks also for your transparency and many personal illustrations and examples.
    Jeff Adams, PhD, Senior Pastor Kansas City Baptist Temple
    It is my pleasure to recommend to you a book that has been written by a friend who has served in ministry in the Middle East, Germany and the U.S. over the last 30 years. Knowing Jesus is Enough for Joy, Period! provides thoroughly biblical and practical insight for life and ministry in any context, but is especially beneficial for cross-cultural work with all of the stress and temptations that it includes. S. M. Wibberley’s very personal and transparent manner of communicating Biblical truths that have transformed his life and ministry are both convicting and encouraging. I easily identify with the way that he has struggled with the application of truth to the events of life, and rejoice to see the fruit that it has borne as an example for my life.
    Steve Coffey, U.S. Mobilization Center director for a Christian organization
    S. M. Wibberley’s book puts together all of the significant aspects of spiritual life. Other books have done this, but the level of practical integration in this book succeeds where other books fail. Not just another book on spiritual life, this book contains lessons learned over a quarter century of labor for the advancement of the gospel in a difficult, unreached country. These lessons have profundity, simplicity, and applicability for everyone from seasoned pastor to new convert. Read it, digest it, and put the lessons into practice. Walking with Jesus will not be the same!
    A Christian worker in the Middle East
    This book gets down to the nitty-gritty of how we can joyfully walk with Christ on a day-to-day basis. There’s a lot of good insight here. We live in a world where we can be pulled from one side to another by temptation or circumstance — and the author explains how to live victoriously in the midst of it. I highly recommend this book.
    Karen Brightbill, Graphic Designer
    I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that God is blessing me each and every day since I purchased your book Knowing Jesus is Enough for Joy, Period!  I am a slow reader so I have been using the book in my daily devotions and what I have learned is helping me in my relationship with God.  I love the way that it starts and keeps on adding and building. Today was chapter 20 on Transparency. Thank you for listening, obeying and sharing with us what you have learned.  A blessing, indeed a real blessing.  As I read the book I would think, “Wow Lord, S.M. Wibberley and I have so much in common, we are so much alike in our weaknesses.” And then I would see that the reason is probably, “as such as is common to man”.  I have been sharing with others as I have been going along, especially like confessing in layers – how cool and insightful was that! I often enjoy your prayers, making them mine by changing the plurals to singular pronouns.
    Paula Baker
    I just finished the book this evening and the short phrase ‘tried and proven’ came to mind continually as I read Knowing Jesus is Enough for Joy, Period! This book deals with practical daily living in how to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. It came from the heart of someone who has been putting into practice in his own life what he wrote. He was very open about the struggles and difficulties in doing so, showing the need to put on the whole armor of God daily. It teaches truth that has been ‘tried and proven’ by the author. It has been a practical help at a very opportune time, showing fresh but correct teaching to apply in my own life. It challenges the mind, heart and feet. I have already ordered copies this evening to send to some with whom I have spoken about the book. May I be able to put into practice what I have read.
    Dean Rule
    This book is so incredibly dense with truth that I will have to read it many times throughout my life to really get it all. It is precisely the kind of truth I need in my life right now. I praise God for the timeliness of it and the wisdom in it.
    Louis Kawood
    How this book changed my wife, and now me.
    Having benefitted from watching S.M. Wibberley’s walk with Jesus over the past 35 years, I was delighted that he has recorded what he’s gleaned from hours and hours of scripture meditation and practical application. S.M. Wibberley’s walk with Jesus took him first into the spiritual darkness of Alaska’s barren islands in his twenties and then to the dogmatism of middle eastern Islam for the past 3 decades. He and his wife and their two sons, have consistently lived in the most difficult of circumstances all of their adult lives and yet S.M. Wibberley has lived in evident joy and in victory.
    Recently, my wife of 33 years read S.M. Wibberley’s book, Knowing Jesus is Enough for Joy, Period! and then led a ladies study through it. It has noticeably impacted her as well several of her friends. Watching her, I have become convicted when I begin to complain because now, after reading the book, she virtually never does. While she has always been an encourager, with what she has learned and applied from the book, she has taken building others up to another level. And in the midst of our very full life of ministry, she sees the positive at times when disappointment could come easily. Personally I am ready to embark on my second reading to bring the refreshing truths back into focus.