The  electronic (or digital) edition of any work published by Edifying Services Publishing (“the book”) remains the property of its author and is released to you under a limited license.

Under this license you MAY

  • make two backup copies of this book  for your personal protection.
  • store and read this book on multiple electronic devices, such as portable or desktop computers, handheld devices or cell phones (such as, but not limited to, an iPad, iPhone or an Android or Symbian-based devices), provided they are your personal property or that of your immediate family (spouse or children) and you do so solely for your personal use.
  • use a text-to-speech system to listen to the book on your electronic device.
  • make one (1) printed copy of the book for your personal use.
  • quote from the book, provided it is properly cited, in accordance with United States of America copyright law.

Under this license you MAY NOT

  • store and/or read this book on any electronic device that does not belong to you personally (e.g. a machine that belongs to a friend or employer).
  • disseminate a copy of this book to anyone, even as a loan, without prior written permission of the author.
  • post a copy of this book on any website, file-sharing service, or network system (including your personal home network shared folders).
  • make any copies (electronic, print, audio or otherwise) of the print-out you made of the book.
  • copy out any portions of this book without proper citation.
  • circumvent or attempt to circumvent any copy protection measures built in to the book.
  • do anything else with the book not explicitly allowed under the MAY section above.

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Version: 1.1
Updated: 2013-11-18