01 Aug 2018

Psalm 8:2

Psalm 8:2 “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise”   [You grant the weak, the unrecognized, the unimportant the great possibility of giving glory to you—such a significant task! Praise you that you give the privilege of praise to all, even infants. May we...
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31 Jul 2018

Psalm 8:1

Psalm 8:1 For the director of music. According to gittith. A Psalm of David.   “O LORD,”   [You are Yahweh, the great I AM, who exists from eternity to eternity, having no beginning, no end–the Creator of stars, Spinner of the earth, Bringer of the dawn. You are great and...
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29 Jul 2018

Thinking Large

The Bible is a narrative of redemption and its chief character is Jesus Christ. He came to free people from bondage to themselves, he enabled them to live for his glory and gifted them with an eternity in his presence.   This overarching story reflects the fact that our problem...
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28 Jul 2018

Psalm 7:17

Psalm 7:17 “I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness” [Yes, to you, O Yahweh, Jehovah, King of glory, the great I AM, the Holy One, to you we bring praise because you are righteous, sinless, pure, positive and good. You alone are worthy of worship, honor and...
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27 Jul 2018

Psalm 7:

Psalm 7:12 “God is a righteous judge….If he does not relent,”   [and you, Lord, are our faithful God, who follows through. You will not hold back from dealing with evil, but at the right time bring judgment on all evil and those who persist in it.]   Psalm 7:12,13 “he will...
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26 Jul 2018

Psalm 7:11

Psalm 7:11 “God is a righteous judge,”   [You are absolutely right in your decisions, Lord God, you are certain to judge correctly, you are absolutely sure to do so wisely and at the right time.   As you did not draw back from crushing your own Son in your righteous wrath, so you...
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25 Jul 2018

Psalm 7:9-10

  Psalm 7:9 “O righteous God, who searches minds and hearts,”   [You, Lord God, know the full truth about every person, nothing is hidden from you, as you discern our thoughts, desires, motives and intents right to the bottom of our hearts. Therefore Your judgments are fully...
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24 Jul 2018

Psalm 7:3-5

Psalm 7:3 “O LORD my God, if I have done this and there is guilt on my hands–”   [David faces the possibility of unconfessed sin being a factor here; there is none he knows, but there is always more sin in our lives than we are aware of. Help us, Lord, to be open to the...
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23 Jul 2018

Psalm 7:1-2

  Psalm 7:1 “O Lord, my God, in you I take refuge.   “O LORD” [You are Jehovah, the God whose glory is in His unapproachable holiness.]   “my God,” [You are my Elohim, the incredibly powerful One, who showed your power in creating all in the universe, and the absolutely faithful...
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22 Jul 2018

Suffering, Surrender and God’s Sovereignty: an example for us

    In Nigeria, the Islamic group, Boko Haram, has targeted everything and everyone it views as being outside “true Islam.” This includes not only Christians, whom they call infidels, but also secular schools and irreligious Muslims. As a result, tens of thousands of families...
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